Funded by:             European Commission
Project Partners: Care International and Agriculture Engineers Cooperative (AEC)
Starting Date:       March 2004
Ending Date:         May 2007

 SAFES project is implemented jointly with Care International and Agriculture Engineers Cooperative (AEC) with funding from the European Commission. The project aims to improve food security for 680 poor and marginalized Palestinian households from ten villages in the Jenin governorate. SAFES activities include: the introduction of high-yielding small ruminants, diverse crops, water conservation systems, and training and extension services in animal husbandry, water resource management, and small-scale agriculture. It also works at the development of village-based producer and marketing cooperatives or associations. A total of 680 households will receive support to initiate animal husbandry and home-garden farming activities, in order to use or sell their agricultural produce.  200 households shall also receive support to construct new rain-water cisterns and 40 households shall receive gray water units as well as seeds and seedlings to plant their home gardens. Eventually, the outcomes of these activities is to increase meat and dairy production; increase family resources and improve the status of women in the society, in addition to increasing households water availability through better water resource management.