Funded by:                       Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID)
Implementing Agency: Centro de las Nuevas Tecnologias del Aguna (CENTA) 
                                                         Development International Cooperation
Starting Date:                       December 2009
Ending Date:                   May 2011

The project is funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID) and implemented in partnership with “Centro de las Nuevas Tecnologias del Aguna (CENTA) Development International Cooperation”. The purpose of this project is to develop basic sanitation services management system and determining the suitable technology for the waste water treatment, building the capacity of different local and international stakeholders in waste water management system in the West-Bank. Accordingly, the project team shall study and analyze wastewater sector in the West Bank to create a monitoring system and database for wastewater status in West Bank. The project activities involve conducting a number of workshops and trainings in Palestine and Spain,  in addition to preparing technical and economic feasibility and visibility study. At the end the project findings shall be uploaded on a special website. The disseminated findings are meant to identify opportunities for pilot activities in small scale wastewater treatment in West Bank.