Funded by:      European Commission
Starting Date: October 2011
Ending Date:   May 2014

The project aims to continue with the monitoring of all Israeli related actions in the occupied Palestinian Territory (oPT) and to disseminate the findings among the target groups in order to contribute towards peace in the area. The project further aims to provide stakeholders with reliable, up to date and technical information to stakeholder on the Israelis actions in the oPT; assess the impact of the Israeli action in the oPT in the overall political scenario and the peace process; measure the impact in the Palestinian community day-to-day life (i.e. limits to free movement, property, increased land prices, expropriation of land, etc;)and raise awareness of the public and to help improve the knowledge about the issues affecting peace in the area. To achieve this, different approaches and activities are sued including; acquiring and analyzing Aerial photos , data collection and field survey, conducting field works, studies and interviews, synthesizing information and data, mapping Israeli activities, writing case studies and reports, preparing posters, fact sheets and handouts, meeting with stakeholders to present information, film short videos to summarize case studies, and conducting presentations, workshops, seminars and conferences.