Funded by:              United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA)
Contracting Party: Dan Church Aid (DCA)
Starting Date:           January 2015
Ending Date:              May 2015

The overall objective of the Project is to contribute in improving the living conditions of vulnerable households and herders in the southern part of Hebron. The project aims to improve their living conditions, and/or enhance their micro dairy production quantitatively and qualitatively through the established household based sustainable renewable energy resources. The Project targets 143 vulnerable households in in Area C distributed over five communities; Jinba, Al Majaz, Ar Ratheem, Birin, and Khirbet Al Rahawa. It is expected that the Project will result in enhancing the livelihood of five marginalized communities providing them with solar energy for lightening their houses and improving their livestock activities and building the capacity of the project beneficiaries through providing them with workshops on livestock management, and health in addition to dairy processing and hygiene.