Contracting party: Palestinian Water Authority
Funding Agency:    French Development Agency (AFD)
Starting Date:        July 2016
Ending Date:           May 2017

The Public Awareness Campaign is part of the “Water supply and Sewerage facilities Improvement Project for Bethlehem – Beit Jala – Beit Sahour Area” project implemented by the Palestinian Water Authority.

The main objectives of the campaign include: Raising Awareness about the water importance and its myriad benefits on the society, Highlighting the importance of a well maintained water supply as well as improving people’s commitment to pay their bills on time. The project will work on improving the level of sharing the limited available quantities of water, increasing the sense of ownership of the local communities in regard to the water, increasing community awareness at household and school levels through water saving techniques and Increasing overall community support for this project and future activities.

The campaign will be conducted in the regions of Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour Area as well as other neighboring regions. The main target groups of the campaign are: Households, Schools and Universities: Teachers and Students, Large Consumers: Local government units (Ministries, municipalities) Health care centers, hotels, restaurants, etc.), and Religious associations, women organizations, youth clubs, etc.