Contracting Authority:        Jericho Municipality PWA
Funded By:                          The city of Paris
Partner Organization:     Ma’an Network 
Starting Date:                   November 2017
Ending Date:                      November 2018

The Public Awareness Campaign is part of the “Awareness Campaign For A Sustainable Water Usage” project implemented by the Palestinian Water Authority.

The main objective is to change citizen's behavior towards "a more sustainable than today" water management in order to improve water supply, and good hygiene behavior, reduce water losses, and increase rates of water bill collection. This will be achieved through awareness and education campaigns that include active citizens' participation (e.g. promoting environmental activism). Our inclusive approach should promote citizens' sense of ownership in water structures and promote the conservation and protection of the scarce fresh water resources.

The campaign will be conducted in Jericho as well as other neighboring regions. The main target groups of the campaign are: Households, Schools and Universities: Teachers and Students, Large Consumers: Local government units (Ministries, municipalities) Health care centers, hotels, restaurants, etc.), and Religious associations, women organizations, youth clubs, etc.