Contracting party:          FAO
Partner Organizarion:    ARIJ
Starting Date:                   November 2017
Ending Date:                     Noevember 2019

The Main Objective of this project Improving availability and management of land resources through sustainably improved production and productivity of non-or under-utilized agricultural\grazing land. In West Bank , Gaza Strip.

The expected results by the end of this project, is to have In-site mapping of the rangeland resources on the basis of per site specific ecological dynamics, and shop drawings for the range line fire lines\break roads are identified, documented and shared with FAO project team, A summarized environmental screening checklist report is concluded, documented and shared with FAO project team, A minimum of 50,000 seeding\shrubs are transplanted\reseeded and provided with supplementary irrigation in close coordination with MoA under the supervision of the FAO project team, The establishment of or\and the rehabilitation of the following activities are followed-up, supervised daily, and documented, having a Valid community rangeland management plan that includes a valid and agreed upon grazing scheduling and validated agreements formats drafted and hand-over forms are submitted to the FAO project team, One intensive training of trainers’ course on rangeland management and establishment for at least 10 agronomists from the MoA is conducted, and 200 copies of a public awareness and educational leaflet are prepared, and In alignment with the Palestinian Environment Quality Authority’s (EQA) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) methodologies and related FAO requirements, conduct two comprehensive EIAs on: (i) one fresh fruit and vegetables post-harvest facility, and (ii) 30 kilometers of agricultural roads rehabilitation.