Funded by:               Japan Biodiversity Fund
Contracting Party:  Secretariat of Convention on Biological Diversity 
Starting Date:          30-July-2012
Ending Date:            26-October-2012

This Project will target one hundred local citizens from the West Bank, reflecting the demographic diversity with regards to age, gender, occupation, education, and geographical zone of residence. The World Wide Views on Biodiversity is a global project which aims to engage the citizens in as many countries as possible in the process of policy making and awareness raising to sustain a living and healthy planet, provide assessment of the global public opinion on biodiversity, and get a better understanding of the current knowledge and opinion regarding biodiversity. This will be achieved through a one day public consultation where citizens will learn about biodiversity issues, discuss and vote on set of predefined questions and get the opportunity to phrase their own recommendations. The results of this activity will be presented to policy makers and stakeholders at national level and at international level.
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