Funded by:     Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)
Starting Date: June  2009
Ending Date:   September  2011

This project funded by Mennonite Central Committee aims to improve food security and livelihood through enhancing the sustainable income, agricultural production security, developing capacities, skills, and community participation of 500 marginalized, impoverished and vulnerable rural households in Southern West Bank. It also aims to improve good governance and service delivery of five agricultural cooperatives through providing agricultural equipments and creating informal seed banks; to serve more farmers in the future in an institutional and sustainable framework. During the first year of the project 500 households are targeted to benefit from the project activities through cultivating 1500 dunums with field crops and 300 dunums with vegetables. During the second period of the project, the selected farmers are provided with project assets and continuous extension and capacity building services, which are provided by ARIJ staff in full cooperation with their cooperative leaders and the Ministry of Agriculture extension agents. Furthermore, the seed bank shall be established in each of targeted villages and managed by the targeted cooperative under and supervision from ARIJ staff.