Funded by: Commonwealth of Australia represented by the Australian &
                       Agency for International Development AusAID
Starting Date: October 2011
Ending Date:   September 2013

The project will assist the cooperative women members (30 women) in Al-Jalma Village of Jenin Governorate to establish a suitable infrastructure to cultivate their home gardens with the targeted crops. Then, these women will sell their products to the cooperatives, where the employed seasonal working women (20 women) in the cooperatives will process these products in their final stages. The New Farm Company will receive these products and do the packaging, labelling and marketing these products in feasible prices to the benefit of the al-Jalama Women Cooperative. 
This agro-production – processing – marketing cycle will guarantee the interest of all the production cycle stakeholders to continue and sustain their activities following the project life as they make good profit out of their activities. Through the earned money, the targeted women will use part of it as a capital to replant their lands and the other part to contribute in improving their livelihood.