Contracting party:           Swiss Cooperation Office Gaza & West Bank
Starting Date:                  July  2017
Ending Date:                     September 2018

The objective of the proposed action is to map and measure the impacts of Israeli movement restrictions on the mobility of goods and people in the West Bank and subsequently assess the marginal costs of such restrictions on employment, wages, days worked, the costs of moving goods and people, and the quality of transported goods (e.g. agro products lost due to spoilage as a result of restrictions on movement of goods between governorates of the West Bank and from the West Bank into Jerusalem). 

This project is designed to be an add-on to another EU-funded project, “Advocating for a Sustainable and Viable Resolution of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” also known as, Settlement VII.

The project aims to deliver a better understanding on three different but close matters:

·  Labor flows in the West Bank and into Israel and the subsequent impacts on lost wages and unemployment rate.

· The costs of obstruction of trade increased shipping costs, higher people transportation costs, and interruption of access to farmland.

· The environmental costs of delays and congestion especially the costs of additional emissions arising from burning additional fuel to transport people and goods across the West Bank.