Contracting party:            European Commission
Funding Agency:               European Union
Starting Date:                    February 2018
Ending Date:                      August 2020

The overall objective is to enhance Palestinian Local Authorities’ and communities’ contribution to governance and development process in Area C, as a precondition for more equitable, open and democratic society. The project will target (1)Joint Service Council for planning and development Eastern Part of Bethlehem (JSCPD), (2) Three local authorities, Public servants in the targeted localities, one village council beit Ta’mir, and two municipalities Tuqu’ and Janata. The aim is to improve the institutional capacities of JSCPD and three associated LAs (i.e. leadership, planning, budgeting, and communication.) and enhance management/operational capcities, as well as enabling participatory local governance among the targeted groups to promote inclusive development planning.