Contracting party:           European Commission
Starting Date:                 February 2018
Ending Date:                     August 2022

The general objective of the East Bethlehem ARD initiative is that Palestinian  Local Authorities and communities contribute to the governance and development process in Area C for a more equitable, open and democratic society.

The specific objective to be achieved by ARD initiative is to enhance the capacities of Tuqu and Janata Municipalities and Beit Ta’mir Village Council to collaborate in providing services, in promoting local development and in contributing to the territorial integration through the JSC of East Bethlehem. This specific objective is explicitly targeting key dimensions of the local governance process: the institutional dimension, the administrative development, the social development and the economic dimension. Such “roles”, responsibilities and/or local action  require  achieving  some  generic  results in  terms  of  institutional and capacity development for key dimensions.