The book provides the overall description of the state of environment in the West Bank. The information presented here has been organized according to the new guidelines provided by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) for state of the environment reporting to make it positioned within a sustainable development context. It goes beyond the classic provision of the environmental data and discussion of environmental issues towards deep analysis of the inter-linkages between environmental issues that lead to a more realistic and comprehensive assessment of the state of environment. The book is divided into five parts. Part two is a description of the physical characteristics and natural resources of the West Bank. It includes information about topography, geology, soil classification and type, climate, water resources and biodiversity. Part three outlines the pressures of the environment from land use, agriculture, population, industry, energy, and transportation. Part four describes the status of the major components of the environment after being exposed to pressures. Part five includes an overall assessment of the environment and the actions that should be considered to protect the environment.