As part of “Promoting Socio-economic Sustainable Development through Innovative Technological Actions for Mediterranean Tourism Heritage and Landscapes Protection Clusters (HELAND)” project, ARIJ is seeking a provision of technical service of specialized entity to develop 3D Interactive Map (web-based map) for Wadi Al Badhan Village, Nablus, Palestine. The technical service provider enjoy expertize and capabilities to carry out the scope of work of this assignment. The technical service provider should have a proven record of experience in the following fields: Geographical Information System (GIS), Software Development, 3D Modeling, Panoramic Photography and Remote Sensing.

The service provider is expected to develop a 3D Interactive Map (web-based map). The developed map must include several clickable layers (land use land cover, built-up areas, roads, etc.), and clickable points; each point shows an informational box that has text and photos about the point, as well as links to other close sites. Most of the points will be selected from the main cultural attractions and service providers in the village. The user will use the Interactive map to search for a specific name or location in the village.

For this purpose, the interested entity should submit Technical and Financial Proposal for carrying out the scope of work of this technical service. The proposal should comply with the Term of Reference (TOR) of the assignment as described in the tender documents, which can be downloaded through the attached link. For those who are interested to participate in the tender and have sufficient experience in this area, From Palestine please submit your offer in a sealed envelope addressed to the Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ) Karkafe Street – Bethlehem phone number +970 (2) 2741889. From outside Palestine, please submit your offer by email to (cc to ) by October 10, 2015.

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