ARIJ IT program aims to contribute to the development of information technology in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, through effective dissemination of information and knowledge. In its work, the program improves ARIJ capabilities in computing technology and applications. In addition to providing technical assistance to ARIJ different departments, the IT program develops and programs a web based projects information system, creating efficient and logical databases for the different projects of the institute. These programs support research staff in interpreting and presenting data analysis and evaluation findings. ARIJ also keeps up with the latest remote sensing and geographical information system applications.

The IT staff also programs special office application system for the purpose of linking financial, personnel and project related data and enhancing efficient communication through saving procedures time and minimizing paper use. Consequently, among its output; the IT program produces new application systems; develops different websites that are hosted at ARIJ; manages information archiving systems as well as creating animated flash presentations for different ARIJ project activities.