ARIJ’s Geo-Informatics Department uses geo-spatial analysis and modeling, for the development of geographical databases and information systems design, supporting ARIJ programs as well as providing the public with credible and accurate geographical data in the OPT. ARIJ Geo-Informatics Department acts as a service provider, in which it constantly supports the other projects at ARIJ with statistical data, maps, and geographic records needed for research and projects. The department staff is involved in a variety of applications, as diverse as natural resource sciences, urban development and analysis, Automated Mapping and Facility Management systems (AM/FM), Land Information Systems (LIS), Decision Support System (DSS), agriculture, and geopolitics.

Among its activities, the department acquires and analyzes satellite images, monitors land use changes in the OPT, keeps and updates geographical database, develops tracking systems using GPS and GPRS, and maps of the Israeli activities. Additionally, through cooperation with other departments, the geo-informatics team produces special outputs such as, tourist maps, atlases, posters, interactive maps and GIS based village profiles.

And as ARIJ strategy promotes technical and human resource capabilities, the institute supports national organizations with related reports, geographical records, and maps. ARIJ staff also introduces and uses geo-informatics as a support system to enhance the performance of the municipalities and local councils by conducting on-job training for municipalities and local councils, contribution to the training of new generation of Palestinian and Arab specialists in the area of geo-informatics systems, and their applications in natural resource management.