Through the Sustainable Agriculture Program, ARIJ is focusing on its applied approach on projects which contribute to sustainable development on one hand, and finding answers to the community through providing better access to food, better management and utilization over land, water and other natural resources, on the other and also to enhance income security, self reliance and empowerment of the people. Taking into account that land and water constraints are affecting the Palestinian agricultural sector in general and especially the south region of the Occupied Palestinian Territories as the most neglected since the 2000 Intifada. The objectives of this program are various and comprehensive, among them is to provide better conservation, management, and utilization of land, water, food and biodiversity resources in the OPT;   to develop agricultural plans and strategies; to assess alternative options, policies and technologies to utilize natural resources; and to assist decision makers and stakeholders in developing agricultural plans and strategies. The Sustainable Agriculture Program consists of three departments:

Agriculture Development Department
Biodiversity & Food Security Department
Socio Economic Department