Impact of Occupation and Environmental Challenges on Palestine

On World Environment Day, the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ) is pleased to present a position paper entitled: Impact of Occupation and Environmental Challenges on Palestine Introduction The theme for this year's World Environment Day—land restoration, desertification, and drought [...]

2024-06-05T11:20:09+03:00June 5, 2024|2024 Papers, Latest News|

UNSC vote on Palestinian UN membership should be a given right

Finally, after 152 months since the request submitted by the Palestinian on September 2011 for the UNSC vote on granting Palestine UN membership, (but the request was withdrawn at the last minute under immense pressure from various parties led by [...]

2024-04-22T09:27:53+03:00April 18, 2024|Latest News, Special Reports 2024|

It might look “Far-off”; the Two-State Solution remains the optimal solution for addressing the conflict

Facing the distressing images of bombings, destruction, killings, and the forced displacement of Palestinians since October 7, 2023, poses a significant challenge to the Palestinian people as it induces feelings of more misery and suffering, compounding the prolonged hardships they [...]

2023-12-06T12:03:02+02:00December 6, 2023|Latest News, Special Reports 2023|

Explainer: Water Supply & Fuel Relationship in The Gaza Strip *14 November 2023*

State of Palestine WASH Cluster - 14 November 2023 Lack of fuel at crisis point: Water and sanitation services on verge of shut down What are the implications for the humanitarian water and sanitation services if fuel is not allowed [...]

2023-11-16T15:13:48+02:00November 16, 2023|Latest News|
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