The General Assembly elects an Administrative Committee every two years. This committee is responsible for implementing and following up the strategies and policies set by the General Assembly. This is essential for injecting new blood, which will be capable of providing proper policy guidance for ARIJ’s future developments.
The Administrative Committee is made up of:

  1. Mr. Suleiman Abu Dayyeh, President
  2. Mrs. Hind Khoury, Vice President
  3. Dr. Fadi Kattan, Treasurer
  4. Ms. Hannan Musleh, Secretary
  5. Dr. Abeer Istanbuli, Member
  6. Dr. Spiro Tams, Member
  7. Dr. Ghassan Handal, Member
  8. Ms. Roubina Ghattas, Member
  9. Mr. Ghassan Andoni, Member