ARIJ socio economic department aims to study, analyze, and provide data that helps in the development of the economic activities and the social life of the Palestinian population in the OPT. The department’s research focuses on the impact of various social and economic trends and policies in the OPT. ARIJ document the available natural, human, socioeconomic and environmental resources and existing limitations; producing economic assessments. Thus, by mapping the social and physical infrastructure of Palestinian localities, ARIJ actively participates in identification and understanding of the community problems, and contributes to strategic developmental plans.

In its work the socio economic department uses different theories and methods to collect and review survey data, preparing several case studies and integrated needs assessment. The resulted research findings are managed, organized, and updated using relevant database applications. Consequently, the output of department includes web-based information system developed and published for public utilization, such as village profiles, need assessments, feasibility studies and development projects assessments, in addition to project recommendations for the OPT.