To effectively disseminate information and knowledge to the Palestinian society. This requires existence of systems to collect, analyze and report data and information that are most beneficial to the Palestinian society. In this case, preparing and producing appropriate reports on activities of ARIJ and involvement of the community should be available on a regular basis.

To actively participate in identification and understanding of the community problems. This needs steady contact and communication between ARIJ and the community, through awareness programs, including workshops, reports, meetings, questionnaires, newsletters, volunteering work and assistance, etc.

To identify and adapt the most appropriate technology to the needs and requirements of the community and the society.

To achieve socio-economic development, through providing better access to food, and better management and utilization of land, water, and natural resources.

To develop assessment and protection actions for Palestinian environment including biodiversity, water, soil and air.

To play an active role in the development of the human resources needed to adapt and use technologies. In this regard, trained personnel should provide knowledge and experience to those untrained.

To generate and attract income-producing opportunities for the community through technology transfer and through encouraging teamwork between scientists of the various institutions.

To catalyze coordination and cooperation between the various groups and institutions working in economic development, and to facilitate the creation of a multi-sector planning unit.