Operating on the principles of local empowerment, participatory governance, demand-responsiveness, administrative autonomy, greater downward accountability, and enhanced local capacity; giving control over planning decisions and investment resources to community groups and local governments.

Adopting key developmental principles of equity, efficiency, participation, empowerment and sustainability.

Focusing on the role of society in managing natural resources and participating in the development of national strategies, plans, and in the decision-making process.

Targeting the poor and marginalized people; treating them as assets and partners in the search for sustainable solutions to development challenges.

Targeting the women in developmental projects; recognizing the political, economic, and social participation and leadership of women.

Promoting values of integrity, principles of transparency and systems of accountability in the various Palestinian sectors, contributing to the building a national integrity system.

Fostering creativity innovation and on going capacity building on individual and institutional level; developing the human and infrastructure resources.

Fostering greater collaboration and net working among organizations working towards common goals.