The Palestinian people welcome the declaration of Spain, Norway and Ireland of an “Independent Palestinian State”, which is set to go into effect May 28, 2024. The countries stated that an “Independent ‘politically viable’ Palestinian State” is the only mean to secure the “Two State Solution” and secure the interest of the Israel, and hoping that other countries will join their proclamation later on, emphasizing that the only path to peace is equality.

However, it would have been more significant if the declaration included a clear description of the “State”, and in accordance to the steering principles of Madrid Conference (1991) ‘Land for Peace’ and the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338, which underline clear definition of area and rights:

Total Land Right: 6023 square km

  • West Bank Land Area = 5661 square km (Including the “No Man” Land of 49 square km)
  • Gaza Strip Area = 362 square km

Total Territorial Water Right= 1582 km2

  • Dead Sea Area =  194 square km
  • Gaza Territorial Water = 1388 square km

Road linking the West Bank with the Gaza Strip

Control of the natural resources above and underground and in territorial water

Control of boarders with Jordan, Egypt and of the Palestinian side portals beyond the 1949 Armistice Line (AKA: the Green Line)