Many Palestinian households – especially in the rural areas -are found food insecure. The percentage of these families reaches 38%. This fact makes these people highly sensitive to political and socio-economic shocks and highly dependant on assistance. In addition, many of these households do not have a system for wastewater disposal, and use cesspits to do so, while others suffer from the unavailability of electricity in their villages. ARIJ uses applied research in order to achieve socio-economic development through providing better access to food, better management and utilization of land, water and natural resources, and enhancing the life of many families by creating alternatives for wastewater treatment, and electricity sources. In order for ARIJ to help more households, great support is needed.

Get involved by sponsoring one of the following ideas:

1. Renewable Energy Lighting Unit

2. Small Scale Wastewater Treatment Unit

3. Grey Wastewater Treatment Unit