Large Scale Land Razing at Al-Walajeh for Building the Western Section of the Segregation Wall in the village

On the early morning of Monday October 3, 2011, the Israeli Army bulldozers accompanied by large force of the Israeli Army stormed Al-Walajeh village northwest of Bethlehem Governorate, and started a large scale land razing, and uprooting hundreds of trees, in preparation to lay down the infrastructure for the construction of the “western section” of the Segregation Wall planned to encircle the village.

The Israelis work at the targeted village was initiated based on the Israeli court decision on August 23, 2011 to turn down the petition submitted by Al-Walajeh residents in December 2010 to reroute the planned Segregation Wall at the western part of their village.
The court’s decision for turning the petition of Al-Walajeh residents down was justified that the planned route of the Wall is essential to save lives and the security of the state of Israel; disregarding simultaneously the detrimental effects of the Wall on the Palestinians residents’ and their livelihood. Moreover, the Wall as routed will cut off the cemetery and considerable part of the agricultural lands of the village.

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