Contracting Party: Spanish Center of New Water Technologies (CENTA)
Funded by:             Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID)
Starting Date:        January 2011
Ending Date:         April 2013

The project is funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID) and implemented by ARIJ and the Spanish Centre of New Water Technologies (CENTA), in partnership with the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA). The purpose of this project is to reduce the vulnerability of the targeted population of Wadi Al-‘Arrub/Hebron Governorate, through adopting improved wastewater management practices, and the reuse of the treated water for agricultural purposes. Accordingly, the project team will be establishing the basic requirements for the development of a pilot wastewater treatment and reuse project that will include the identification and selection of the most appropriate technology, design and build a wastewater treatment plant and reuse system, develop an efficient guideline for wastewater management in Wadi Al-‘Arrub to ensure the sustainable operation of the treatment plant, and then reuse the treated wastewater for agricultural irrigation in Wadi Al-‘Arrub area. These activities will help achieve the overall objective of sustainable development attainment and poverty reduction, and help protect and preserve the environment.