Contracting and funding  agency: The United Nations Office for the Coordination of  Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).
Starting Date:                                    January 2014
Ending Date:                                      April 2014

The project objective is to provide emergency assistance to low resilience farmers in order to prevent the complete loss of their productive assets and the consequent negative effects that these could have on food security. In addition to preventing the total loss of this season’s crop and ensure that they are able remain in the sector. 
A secondary objective is to ensure the stability of food prices and to minimize the negative effects of potential rises in food prices on consumers.
The project’s target group are 125 small scale crop farmers in 26 communities from Bethlehem, Hebron, Jerusalem and Salfeet governorates whom greenhouses have damaged during the last snow storm. The project will result in partially rehabilitating 75 dunums of damaged greenhouses. The project will provide the farmers with inputs (metal arches, gutters, columns, and plastic roof covers) in addition to technical support from qualified staff from ARIJ ,together with Ministry of Agriculture field staff.