Contracting party:  The Swedish Cooperative Centre (SCC)
Funded by:               The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
Starting Date:          March 2011
Ending Date:            December 2012

The project aims to strengthen the capacities of the Palestinian cooperatives to produce adequate and high quality products, while increasing consumer awareness on these products. The project’s target group includes 18 cooperatives and 2 self-help groups that are based in the West Bank. These cooperatives and self-help groups are into the production of various food products such as honey, traditional food, grape syrup, and vinegar. In order to achieve its objective, the project will focus on improving the product standards of these cooperatives, increasing the production capacities, increasing the awareness of consumers, and capacity-building of these cooperatives through providing cooperatives with the knowledge, skills, values, technical support, and technologies that will empower them to solve their problems in a sustainable way. In this approach, much of the project activities are oriented towards the training, technical support and learning by beneficiaries.