Funded by:       European Union
Partner:            Arab Center for Alternative Planning (ACAP)
Starting Date: January 2012
Ending Date:   December 2014

The project will target Municipality leaders, engineers, planning professionals, and representatives from one town in Palestine, one Arab-Israeli town, and one Jewish Israeli town, in addition to media  representatives  and  agencies , and media agencies, both Palestinian and Israeli. The Project  aims to contribute to peace building between Palestine and Israel, as well as between Arab-Israeli and Jewish-Israeli citizens, by bringing the three  groups together  to  share  experiences, engage  in  dialogue  on  sustainable planning processes, and work together to develop a "Sustainable Planning Guidelines Document”. This  process  of  developing  this  joint document will promote communication, dialogue, and understanding and creating cooperative and inter-dependent relations, thereby promoting trust, tolerance, moderation, understanding, and mutual respect, and decreasing the frustrations and distresses that contribute to aggression and violence. Furthermore, the document will serve as a model or  guide that can be used by the towns for sustainable planning procedures.