Contracting Party: Larnaca District Development Agency 
Funding Agency:    The Joint Managing Authority of ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme (JMA) 


• General Agency of Regional Development, Tunis
• Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning and Development S.A Greece
• Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
• Local Councils' Association of Malta, Malta
• Geomatics Research, Diffusion and Innovation Society, Spain
• National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, Egypt
• Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
• Greater Irbid Municipality, Jordan 
• National Council for Scientific Research, Lebanon 
• Union of Municipalities of Hermel- Planning and Local Development Agency, Lebanon 

Starting Date: December-2013
Ending Date:   December-2015 

The general objective of the project is to promote the local development and sustainability of cities and territories in the Mediterranean Basin through the exchange of experiences and best practices of geospatial applications for local management. Whereas the specific objective of the project is to improve and modernize the governance processes in the Mediterranean basin through exchange of experiences, diffusion and training available to local governments and other targeted actor groups, following an inter-sectorial approach and interaction of local administration bodies and technical organizations in various fields of sustainable development and geospatial technologies.
This project promotes the contact among technical and local government groups, with different local development statues, from different parts of the participating regions, all along of the Mediterranean basin, sharing similar problems. By analyzing their experiences, local organizations and technical partners share their skills in order to identify common interests and problems, propose the most convenient and innovative solutions and provide training to the actors, creating this way a strong and durable partnership.

In addition, the project would help to optimize urban development processes to estimate the adaptation of climate change and forthcoming socio-economic evolutions based on adapted models for each area. The project aims to provide a service that facilitates the transparency at all levels of political hierarchy. It provides a beyond-state-of-the-art service that assesses the impact of fostered policies and increases the public awareness in urban development issues at stake, that affect severely local communities. Finally the wants to set up a cross-border network at basin level, among cities, regional institutions, universities, NGOs, etc…, involved in local governance processes, sustainability and geospatial sciences that would work during and after the project incorporating new organizations interested in the project results and its update and feedback.