Contracting Party:            European Commission
Partner Organization 1: Land Research Center (LRC)
Partner Organization 2: Kerem Navot
Starting Date: June 2014
Ending Date: December 2016

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to increase Israeli/Palestinian and international awareness, regarding the impact of Israel’s land policies and actions on the search for just and peaceful solutions to the conflict. The project aims to monitor, analyze and document all Israel’s actions and land policies in the oPt, with the aim to disseminate the collected information to key stakeholders, to advocate a better environment for peace. This project represents a continuation and expansion of high quality data collection and scientific research, relating to the fields of natural resources, environmental and Israeli settlement monitoring, in addition to updating the already existing data-base, needed for the project beneficiaries, which will be used to elaborate indicators that can monitor the Israeli actions and policies over time, display trends and reveal the on the ground reality of new developments. This will be jointly undertaken by the ongoing collaboration between ARIJ/LRC and with the new partnership with Kerem Navot. In its’ sixth phase the project will result in: obtaining reliable, technical and up-to-date information/data on Israel’s land policies and actions; analyzing, updating, and systematically documenting Reliable, technical and up-to-date information/data on Israel’s land policies and actions alongside its impact on the oPt, preparing various information materials for the different target groups, in addition to disseminating Reliable, technical, and up-to-date information/data and analyses amongst targeted stakeholders.