Contracting Party: Dan Church Aid
Funding Agency:   Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (DANIDA)
Starting Date:           November, 2013
Ending Date:             December, 2016

This project aims at supporting and empowering 161 small/medium vulnerable livestock breeder/herders and existing livestock Society’s with necessary emergency and technical agro-production inputs, knowhow and resilience practices to protect and sustain their agro-food production resources and income activities; with main focus on women and youth. In addition to increase their accessibility to market their commodities feasibly and ensuring the competitiveness of their production in regards to quality, hygiene, and prices, meeting the needs of the Palestinian consumer. The project targets Bardala village in the northern part of the Jordan Valley which is located near an Israeli permanent checkpoint and enclave by the Separation Wall. The immediate objectives of the project include Supporting livestock breeders/herders to improve and sustain their livestock production and management system; Building the capacity of farmers (male and females) to improve their agro-practices in livestock management, and milk production, processing and marketing; Empowering and activating the role of the existing Livestock Society to enhance farmers livelihood and improve the economic role of women; and Create sustainable dairy production, processing and marketing system to satisfy both the targeted farmers and the consumers.