Contracting party: The Swedish Cooperative Centre (SCC)
Funded by:              The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
Starting Date:         March 2012
Ending Date:          February 2013

The project aims to support and sustain agricultural activities and food security of 425 vulnerable women-headed HH and small-scale farmers/herders affected by the separation wall and seam zone in 18 localities in Qalqiliya, Nablus, and Jerusalem Governorates including East Jerusalems. The project will target 425 vulnerable women headed households and poor farming families affected by the separation wall and mall-scale farmers/herders affected by the separation wall and seam zone. The project will focus on improving the agro-practices of the targeted households in addition to improve their access to water resources. This will be achieved through providing the households with chicken farms, sheep, beehives, and home gardens, in addition to the rehabilitation or construction of water cisterns and the rehabilitation of lands or farms. Moreover, the project will also include the provision of training sessions on management of their respective interventions, poultry farm management training program and relevant environmentally friendly techniques.