Contracting party:            Oxfam GB oPti
Funding Agency:               Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Starting Date:                    September 2016
Ending Date:                      June 2017

The project aims to improve the Palestinian agro-products marketing mechanisms through organizing the operations of wholesale central markets, enhancing networking among key stakeholders along market chain, establishing a pilot Palestinian Market Information System, and increasing the awareness of market key players on products’ demand and price structure.

The project will target three Palestinian Wholesale Central Markets (WCMs); Hebron, Qabatiya and Nablus and it is expected to result in Suggesting and developing a National model for running the Palestinian WCMs systems; establishing a pilot automated/online Palestinian Market Information System (PMIS) and connecting it to relevant stakeholders mainly MoLG, MoA, and MoNE, relevant municipalities, governorates, and WCMs are encouraged to adopt the created PMIS; Building the capacity of Palestinian WCMs to collect and record the market information; Announcing the prices for agro-products dealt with at the selected WCMs the Palestinian public on daily basis through smart phone application.