Contracting & Funding Agency:  Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID)
Starting Date:                                  May 2013
Ending Date:                                   March 2016

The project is implemented in partnership with the Spanish Centre o New Water Technologies (CENTA) and in cooperation with the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA). The main objective of the project is improving the basic sanitation services in the area of Wadi Al Aroub through the construction of an integrated wastewater treatment system and the subsequent reuse of the reclaimed water for irrigation purposes. In its’ second phase, the project components are: the construction of  wastewater treatment plant in  the area of Wadi al Aroub that will benefit also the inhabitants of Shuyukh Al Aroub and Trad Urqan, the identification of a qualified management system, training the technical staff on the operation and maintenance of the equipment and the system, the identification of potential crops to be irrigated with the reclaimed water, and improving the quality of the reclaimed water for  irrigation purposes.