Contracting Party:        FCCD-WWG
Funded By:                          FCCD-WWG
Starting Date:                   September 2018
Ending Date:                      March 2019


The overall objective of the project is to enhance the water governance towards improved provision of water and sanitation services, at different levels of society in Sa’ir area. More specifically, the project aims; 1) to raise joint capacities of Sa’ir municipality and related local civil society to identify needs to improve the performance of the water and wastewater delivered in the targeted locality (Sa’ir area); 2) to work directly with local civil society bodies and citizens to improve the social responsibility and accountability measures undertaken by Sa’ir municipality in the field of public water management; 3) to transfer the knowledge and exchange of experience of Catalan Municipalities to empower the Palestinian stakeholders on water and sanitation management models.

The project has been designed to increase responsiveness on the part of the key local government, through joint capacity building and consultation with local monitoring committees.