Funded by:       Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID)
Starting Date:  June 2009
Ending Date:    November 2010

This study is funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID), to analyze and evaluate the impacts of the national, district, and local planning practices in Jerusalem between 1948 and 2030, and assesses their effects on the political future of Jerusalem and its Palestinian community. The study applies the methodology of plan evaluation  in order to identify the impacts of the national, district and local planning practices of Israel in Jerusalem. However, the research team discusses the outcomes of the plan evaluation with the targeted communities in Jerusalem through mile-stoned seminars and workshops, where designated organizations and public leaders participate in coordination with the Jerusalem Unit in the President’s Office. This study has several outputs; a research repot in English, a set of recommendations for the Palestinian policy makers and negotiators regarding Jerusalem, and conducting lectures and presentations regarding the deprivation of Palestinian human rights in Jerusalem. 
Following is the technical presentation that was presented  on December 20, 2010  during the closing workshop of the project "Planning the Geopolitical Fate of Jerusalem (1984-2010)" in addition to the policy brief: