Funded by:            European Commission
Co-financed by:    Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Project Partners: Centro Regionale d`Intervento per la cooperazione (CRIC)
Starting Date:       February 2006
Ending Date:        October 2008

 Bethlehem 21 project is a Palestinian initiative responding to Chapter 28 of Agenda 21.  This project,- funded by the European Commission (Life-Third Countries Programme), aims to provide and develop the capacities of local and national authorities with the required support to create more sustainable communities by applying an integrated and participatory approach to local policy making.  This approach attempts to integrate environmental, social and economic sustainability objectives, and to engage all sectors of the community in the decision making process. The participatory approach is implemented in the form of a visioning process that focuses on bringing together a broad section of the community with the local authorities to develop a shared vision for the sustainability of their community and plan how to achieve it. Bethlehem 21 project is implemented in cooperation with the local authorities of Bethlehem, Beit-Jala, Beit-Sahour, Za'tara, Al Khader, Ed Doha, and Battir.