Funded by:      Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)
Starting Date: November 2005
Ending Date:   September 2007

LIOPT project is implemented jointly with Care International and The Palestinian Economic and Social Development Center of Palestine (ESDC). It aims to improve the living conditions of Palestinians in nine communities in the governorates of Jenin and Tubas Districts by targeting 3,000 direct beneficiaries, and a total of 6,970 households during the project period. The attainment of this purpose rests upon linking improved agricultural production for increased food security, expanded marketing opportunities, and the promotion of positive coping strategies to increase the resilience of communities and households to meet the day-to-day challenges of the conflict. The project works to improve the capacities of targeted women through several activities; among them is increased plant production, in addition to the establishment of greenhouses and home gardens. Among LIOPT other special outputs is the establishment of a seed bank with Jenin Governorate Farmers Association which has a membership of 275 farmers.