President Biden: Welcome to Palestine, and this is where We Stand

There is a saying in the Middle East “all the problems, the conflicts, and tribulations falls back to Palestine” and one would think that there is some exaggeration to that, but there is not. Meaning that all issues of the [...]

2022-07-13T09:54:39+03:00July 13, 2022|Latest News, Special Reports 2021|

The U.S-Israel Settlements Squabble: an Inevitable Collision

On the 24th of October 2021, the Israeli housing and construction ministry of the right-wing Naftali Bennett's government, launched tenders for 1,355 settlement units in a number of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. Most of the targeted settlements [...]

2021-11-20T12:46:20+02:00November 20, 2021|Latest News, Special Reports 2021|

The Annexation of the Jordan Valley… is the loss of a key element of the Palestinian State

The Jordan Valley is located at the east side of the West Bank territory. It is spread across 841 km square (14.9% of the West Bank total area), starting at the northern tip of the Dead Sea from Jericho and [...]

2021-11-09T08:31:23+02:00November 9, 2021|Special Reports 2021|

Unholy Communion between the Israeli Settlers and the Israeli Army to Wage War on Palestinian Olive Groves

No tree in history has faced such a severe battle as the olive tree in the occupied State of Palestine. The Israeli settlers, and while the Israeli occupation army turning a blind eye to their violations, have begun their deliberate [...]

2021-10-25T15:42:20+03:00October 25, 2021|Latest News, Special Reports 2021|


We are living in a transitional moment regarding the relationship between business and human rights, one that holds out both promise and peril. Professor Michael S. Lynk. United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian [...]

2021-10-27T11:09:58+03:00October 4, 2021|Latest News, Special Reports 2021|

ARIJ Calls Palestinian Jerusalemites to Boycott it

A Land Mine before the “Two State Solution Land Registration in Jerusalem in Service of the Israeli Settlement Project and a Camouflage to Legitimize Land Grab The land administration issue was and still is one of the most complicated topics [...]

2021-09-30T07:31:35+03:00September 29, 2021|Special Reports 2021|
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