Cesspits are mainly used by Palestinians in areas where sewage networks are unavailable, especially in rural areas, and are contributing to the pollution of ground water aquifers. These cesspits also put a big burden on the Palestinian families’ income, costing some families up to 20% of their monthly income to evacuate them. Additionally, the flooded cesspits create environmental problems, encouraging the presence of insects and polluting the neighborhood and nearby cultivations. On top of all this, water scarcity in the Palestinian territory is one of the main problems facing Palestinian people since the Palestinian water rights are being taken away by the occupation authorities.
In response to this, ARIJ has developed a local model of a grey water unit. The grey wastewater treatment unit has a capacity to treat 0.5 m3 grey water/day/family. It uses natural mechanisms with very low energy consumption, and contains natural fertilizers which enhance free chemical cultivation and reduces production costs.

Much support is needed to spread the use of this technique it in enhancing the lives of many Palestinian families, by improving their social relationship with their neighbors as the problems of bad smells; insects and cesspit flooding will be solved. In addition to helping them have a cleaner environment and greening their home gardens.

You can be part of this great initiative by funding and sponsoring the assembly and installation of one of these units.

Cost of Grey Wastewater Treatment Unit: $4000

If you would like to contribute to this initiative, please contact us at: pmaster@arij.org