When the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the government of the Israeli occupation blabber gibberish thoughts while he addressed the General Assembly on Friday, September 22, 2022 before the UNGA in a futile attempt to alter indisputable reality, then he is in need to be educated as repercussions may be very well more than he can handle. Then again, he is no fool, he knows the history but he is just acting his nature and character: cunning, deceitful and absolute fraudulent

On November 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted for the resolution 181 of partition the land of Palestine in favor of the proposed partition plan of Mandate Palestine. The partition plan designated territory equal to 57.2% of Mandate Palestine for the Jews to establish their State, and 42.1% for the Palestinians to establish their State; while identifying the remaining 0.7% for Jerusalem, which was set to fall under a special status called “Corpus Separatum”, which is to be administered by an international body.

The Palestinian State always existed, but the Israelis choose to occupy 78% of Mandate Palestine and rob the Palestinians of their right to a State of their own.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Pay Attention: It is time to end the Israeli occupation of the territory it occupied in 1967