About this report: This report aims to monitor Israeli violations against the Right to Water and Sanitation (Right to Water) and their association with other human rights violations, as regulated by international human rights conventions signed by the state of Israel, in particular the Rights to Health, Education, Movement and Protection. This report was prepared based on national and international human rights reports, and the methodology of direct rights-based monitoring and documentation through fieldwork and data collection via specialized questionnaires and focus groups. The report shed light on Area (C) in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron Governorates and the Gaza Strip, which suffers direct violations against water rights through State of Israel’s systematic policy of destroying water infrastructure and depriving Palestinian citizens of their right to access and control water sources. The report also relied on qualitative documentation for violations, using affidavits, in addition to the quantitative documentation of all cases in order to highlight the scale and nature of violations against the Right to Water and its full impact on other human rights. Nevertheless, this report does not hold all violations against Palestinians rights in the occupied territories. Indeed, it used some cases to illustrate how violations against the Right to Water also causes violations against other rights of the Palestinians like Health, Education, Housing and Protection, as well as children’s and economic rights.



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