Complementing the activities of the project Food Production – Consumption Assessment to improve sustainable agriculture and food security in the West Bank – Palestine, which aims to study, evaluate and improve the agricultural sector and improve the food security of Palestine through the analysis of systems of consumption, production and food marketing to the main agro-commodities. This project is funded by the International Development Research Center (IDRC), which is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of National Economy. The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem (ARIJ) has formatted three regional committees to support the project at the northern, central and southern areas of the West Bank. The contribution of the regional committees is crucial to help the project team in identifying the targeted communities and enhance the trust between the targeted groups throughout the various stages of the project, in order to promote the idea and the success of the project activities for the benefit of everyone.


The regional committees were formed from various institutions related to the project, such as: agricultural departments, directorates of the national economy, local councils and agricultural associations at the level of the Palestinian governorates in the West Bank. The regional committees consists members of 15 to 20 representatives from the above mentioned institutions.

The regional committees members have welcomed this partnership as it grabbed their attention in this project due to its huge importance to study the marketing regulation of different agro-commodities in Palestine and to find the best and appropriate mechanisms for the agricultural national system and the contribution of all the partners of the project at all levels. Based on these progresses ARIJ thank all government institutions and non-governmental organizations that have participated in the facilitators and regional committees of the project in different workshops and provided the data necessary for the project activities.