During the year 2015, the Water and Environmental Research Department has updated the Environmental Profile to incorporate a comprehensive time sequence order for the state of the environment in Palestine. This present update of the Environmental Profile “The Status of Environment in the State of Palestine – 2015” is the fourth report that has been published since 1997, and it will provide: (1) a narrative, statistical and cartographic description of the current environmental status in Palestine; (2) the major trends and changes in the environmental indicators over the period from 2011 – 2015; (3) the progress in the legislative, institutional, and developmental aspects of environmental action; (4) the Israeli violations of the Palestinian environmental law and the international conventions for the protection of the environment and basic human rights; and (5) the progress towards achieving the goals set forth by the relevant national strategies and the national development plan. The 2015 version of the Environmental profile is being developed with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

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