Contracting party:         World Food Program (WFP)
Funded By:                      World Food Program (WFP)
Starting Date:                 June 2020
Ending Date:                    April 2021

This is the second phase of this project; it was built on the achieved successes by the accomplished Phase one. This phase aims to strengthen the resilience/livelihood of 100 poor families and 3 social responsible organizations from the West Bank to become food secured and economically empowered through engaging them as active operators for hydroponics to produce food vegetables as food and for green forage & cultivating alfalfa under irrigation to feed their livestock to produce dairy and meat from small their small ruminants’ farms. In addition to vegetable cultivations under small greenhouses to assist these marginalized families to become self-dependent through producing food vegetables and making income through marketing excess production. Additionally, 40 of the targeted households from phase one will be selected to scale up their systems (to increase their production capacities) and to practice new smart production activities to make their provided units more business-oriented interventions not only resilience approach but also to generate income to improve their livelihood as well.

The project is going to provide all beneficiaries with the required capacity building and required technical and extension support to be sure they can manage these and operate these systems properly during and after the project life.