Contracting party:         World Food Program (WFP)
Funded By:                      World Food Program (WFP)
Starting Date:                 July 2021
Ending Date:                   April 2023

This Project is a continuation of a partnership between the World Food Program (WFP), and ARIJ initially started in 2019 in direct cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD). This is the third phase of this project; it was designed based on the achieved successes by the accomplished phase one and phase two. This phase of the project aims at introducing Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) to enhance resilience through self-food production, the livelihood and income of the poorest, food-insecure, and most vulnerable people to climate change in Palestine. Accordingly, the project is going to target 150 new households in the West Bank and 50 households from phase two for scaling up to become more productive and managing to generate income through selling their excess production. This phase is aiming as well to do a demonstration on a larger scale hydroponic agro-production system through conducting 5 demonstrations/interventions for Charitable institutions sponsoring marginalized people (elder, orphanage, and handicapped people) and women cooperatives. Additionally, the project will assist households and institutions to practice innovative green and environmental applications towards increasing their self-capacities to produce food and become economically empowered.

The project is going to provide all beneficiaries with the required capacity building and required technical and extension support to be sure they can manage these and operate these systems properly during and after the project life.