Contracting party:           European Commission
Starting Date:                  Martch 2017
Ending Date:                     August 2022

The EU has approved yet another project with ARIJ, this project focuses on Sustainable Water Integrated Management (SWIM). The project aims to promote wastewater treatment and reuse in the water scarce areas of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) by developing scalable and innovative financial instruments and inclusive management plans that can fully recover the costs of wastewater treatment and reuse at a demonstration site in Wadi Al-Aroub, Palestine.

The expected results of this project including, reducing the average cost of wastewater treatment, reducing cost of sludge management, protection of the environment by conversion of destabilized sludge into a marketable product and other many benefits.

The project will accomplish its goals by actively developing enterprises’ capacities to manage the reuse of treated wastewater and sludge, reduce Plant Operational Cost, create and promote Innovative irrigation and nutrient management practices and enhance the capabilities of supply chain by enriching the management, improve quality standards and advance product marketability