Contracting party:          European Commission
Funded By:          European Union
Partners:          Land Research Center (LRC)
Starting Date:                   January 2019
Ending Date:                     December 2022

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the conditions for a sustainable resolution of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict through engagement with key stakeholders through identifying /analyzing the impediments that stands against engaging fruitful negotiations and exploring manners to which breakthroughs and ultimately peaceful solutions to the conflict may be reached. More specifically, the project aims to: 1) Monitor the Israeli activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt) and assess their geographical impact especially at marginalized communities within Area C; 2) Assess the documented Israeli activities and their impact on the peace process and the two state solution by means of advocacy and focusing awareness on triggering issues that may influence the outcome of the negotiations; 3) Continue providing, on a regular basis, accurate updates on changes in key indicators related to Israeli activities, including expansion in existing Israeli settlements, outposts, the segregation wall, and the physical changes they induce on the Palestinian landscape.